Our Story

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated"



We are creatives. We design, we discover, we make.  We obsess about the details and find just the right item to build each gift because nothing else will suffice. When that perfect item does not exist, we will make it!


We're committed to the mastery of our craft. With the thousands of gifting hours under our belts, our expertise comes from in-the-field experience and instinct.  Each gift is approached with an acute eye for detail, an innate sense of quality and limitless inspiration.


We've spent years building our collective of fabricators and product sources.  Each of our makers is the best in their class.  With strong personal relationships and our hands-on approach we deliver the finest goods we know our customers expect.



We believe that gifts tell a story. We've seen how they connect people, make memories and transform relationships.  There is nothing better than a meaningful story, wrapped up and presented in the most refined way. We've spent years working closely with private individuals, industry professionals, and companies to create fine gifts.  Extending our bespoke philosophy to our at-the-ready offerings, we've crafted our gift box collection to celebrate and respond to life's occasions in a whole new way. We're all about meaningful stories told through fine products, expert presentation, and thoughtful finishing touches. From concept to creation, we use this personal approach for each and every gift.


Serena Walther is the most trusted resource for mindful gifting. As the originator of the environmentally friendly giftbox, Serena has created thoughtful gifts and her specialty curated gift boxes for a wide range of philanthropists, high profile individuals, and thoughtful business owners.  Drawing on her artistic background as Interior Designer, Architect and event planner, Serena creates mindful gifts with emotional resonance. Combining her refined scope of resources, references, and experience with an artist's touch, Serena filters through objects, helping her clients convey them when words just aren't enough. She lives with her twin children, Lucy and Sam, and their pug Prim in Dayton, where she treats every day like a celebration.

I started MINDFULLY SPLENDID with a clear mission: to create stronger relationships through beautiful and personal gifts, enabled by simple user experiences.  What’s important to us is to ethically source the products and label them so you can shop by what’s important to you.  Whether it is Fair Trade, Organic, Sustainable, Local, Made in the USA, you will know what you are getting.

It’s our goal to make gifting effortless and elegant—no post office lines, and certainly no harmful junk. Which is why we handle everything from curating every item on our site, to topping each MINDFULLY SPLENDID BOX with a handwritten note and packing & shipping by hand from our warehouse.

We pride ourselves on being your go-to for gifting, whether you need send a quick thank you from our Precurated offerings, you want to BUILD A BOX for someone you love, or you'd like us to help you bring your vision for your dream wedding welcome gifting suite to life. Relax, you know we’ve got this!   #spreadjoy

Xoxo,    Serena

Our Approach

Celebrate life, celebrate everything, spread joy and inspire the world!

That is what we believe at Mindfully Splendid.  We  create wonderful gifts that are ethically sourced and mindfully curated.  Not every item can be local but every item can be mindfully curated.  We have developed a legend of what is important to us and let you know how each product that we design or procure fits into what is important to us.

Items include things that improve our own air quality and reduces the toxins in our spaces but also  is created with sustainability and integrity in mind.   Ethical and sustainable conduct should be prioritized not sacrificed-in an effort to achieve our goals.

Mindfully Splendid  strives to exemplify social consciousness, global inspiration, quality workmanship, and one-of-a-kind style.  Rest assured you and the earth will be happy.

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